Bloggin 4 Beats: Project Mayhem

JLBarrow • May 21, 2008 • No Comments

Opposites attract but sometimes for the wrong reasons. I was told by a trustworthy person that this beat was just too soft for the lyrics. When I started chopping Ronnie Laws’ “Stay Still(and Let Me Love You)” I didn’t imagine making an angry record. But I’m also pretty sure Da Beatminerz didn’t imagine Laws’ “Tidal Wave” would make a record like “Who Got The Props.” I blame it on the drums. This snare pattern sounded like an uzi going off and even though the song was full of flutes and other minor chords I rearranged them into something with way more energy, way more aggression. The chops sounded like glass shattering on the ground. Could this be an R&B record? Sure, but it’d be one really hard R&B record.

So I went looking for acepellas in the tempo range of 93 BPMS. I felt bold, I felt wreckless. I didn’t give a fuck. So I started with Prodigy, then Nas, …it was originally an all Queens party but I couldn’t find any Kool G Rap acapellas. At first I had Nas’ verse from “Hope” but it was too complacent, not angry enough, so I used “Hate Me Now.” But taking away the “hope” verse left a gap and I’d already arranged the chops, so instead of starting from scratch I found two short verses from Beanie Sigel and Lil Wayne, “Ignorant Shit” and “Shooters” respectfully. The brawl was almost complete. Finished off with LL’s verse from “4,3,2,1” you can see why I wanted to slap somebody when it was over. Can u start a fight with flutes? Ask the guy at band camp with the reed stuck up his ass.

As for that hook…Undisputed Truth’s, “Smiling Faces” just spoke to the theme. Prodigy and Nas were homies once upon a time and now look at them. Smiling faces sometimes…smiling faces tell lies, and I got proof. I’ve had so many moments where I’ve had to smile to keep from screaming my head off, but I’m a really bad liar so it doesn’t last very long. I’ve learned to write to myself to disperse the anger, (I’ve got a phone full of texts to nobody as proof) but I’ve got to be careful cuz internalizing too much anger leads to becoming a Tyler Durden. You become your own worst enemy, which is what finished the hook: Nas’s line from “Success” where he shares “worst enemies wanna be my best friends, best friends wanna be enemies like that’s what’s in…” Opposites attract. Sometimes because they balance each other out, other times cuz they cancel each other out. Listen and tell me if I’m crazy.

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