Bloggin For Beats: The Fatty Girl Remix (again)

JLBarrow • May 14, 2008 • No Comments

It’s funny how things happen. When the remix to Fatty Girl first came out I didn’t realize it was a remix. I hadn’t heard the original Neptunes joint, but when I did I was like “now I know why they did it over.” It was cool but it was mad slow and the Trackmasters did the damn thing flipping it with the Fat Albert sound effects. So when I found this acapella in a bunch I’d downloaded I was like “hmmm, what the hell could I do to freak it?” Building on some advice I’d gotten recently from Green Lantern about continuity (the interview is coming soon, I promise) I decided to use the Roy Ayer’s sample that Tribe used in another ode to big booties, “Bonita Applebum.”

For Luda’s verse I let the beat rock pretty much the same way Tribe did, but for LL and Keith Murray’s verses I chopped it up to rock with with their lyrics a little more. Besides, flipping it just like Tribe all the way through would have been boring. The finishing touch was finding a new hook cuz the Acapella I have is actually of the original Neptunes version with Pharrell moaning on the hook…not sexy (prolly another reason they did it over.) I originally had Lil’ Kim saying some freaky stuff but I found Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl” Acapella and thought who better to represent the Badoonkadunks? A Naughty Girl with a Fatty Girl. And there it is.

I’m still tweaking the drums (yeah, yeah Eric, I know) but since I know a lot of you are checking back everyday for new ish I gotta put this one up.

Fatty Girl JLB Remix



So yes, I kept messing with the drums. I listened to the song in my ipod and didn’t like it so I went back and changed some, made the ones on the hook fuller and added a fourth MC to the party. Check it out.

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