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JLBarrow • May 12, 2008 • No Comments

I grabbed some Bob James and took on a remix of Little Brother’s “Life of The Party.” While it isn’t my favorite LB record it’s the only dang acapella of theirs I’ve been able to find. But with a little “pure imagination” I was able to pull off something to bring some life to a party.

It always amazes me how two songs with the same BPM can sound so different. The original “Life of The Party” was produced by Nottz and sounded almost slow at 90bpms. So the first thing I did was set my BPMs at exactly 90.9 bpms (which is what Mixmeister told me the original was clocked at). One set of drums a lone didn’t give me the body I wanted. So I layered up to 4 channels of drums before it was all said and done. Once I felt the vocals matched with the drums I went to plug sounds in. It immediately felt faster than the original.

I honestly wasn’t sure what I wanted to use, but I didn’t want it to be too mellow. I have folders upon folders of breaks that I just save when I listen to MP3s hoping one day it’ll fit something. I had messed around with the “Pure Imagination” sounds (from his Four album) in another beat but I liked how it sounded over the drums I’d placed. By some kind of elfen magic when I plugged the break into the fruity slicer it was almost a perfect fit. So I let that rock as the main break and went to add more sounds. I cloned that channel and filtered it to get a bassline, then started clicking the channels with the adlib vocals.

Phonte cracks himself up at the begging of the record and I originally meant to use his comedy in a reworked hook, but I liked how his voice sounded in the beat. So I took Phonte’s own talking from the beginning of the song and worked his maniacal laugh into the beat itself. I couldn’t understand why it sounded familiar to me until I remembered the cackles in The Roots “Distortion to Static.” Talk about the ill subliminal. Later on I placed his “girl what you mean you don’t recognize me” underneath Pooh’s verse which seemed to be illustrating that very point.

For Pooh’s verse I used another piece of the same song with some really sharp horns to give it some contrast and the last thing I did was add a little break 4-note breakdown from a little sliver I had left from the break. The only after effects I added was a little “oomph” from the Fruity Bass Boost using the mixer. I know tomorrow I’ll be listening to this in my ipod and think of something I want to add or change but I’m putting it up for scrutiny anyway. Sometimes you gotta go with your gut. Make sure you cop that Get Back album if you don’t have it already!

Life of The Party (JLB Remix)

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