Off The Books:Producer Wendell Hanes makes “30 Grand in 30 Seconds”

JLBarrow • March 17, 2008 • No Comments

Record industry in a slump? There is more than one way to skin a beat. At least that is what award winning producer and composer Wendell Hanes says in his up-coming book, The 30-30 Career:Making 30 Grand in 30 Seconds-Producing Music for Commercials!

Hanes has made a living scoring over 500 commercials, promos and show themes in his decade long career, including the well-known “Birth of The Scratch” spot for Heineken. He has worked with every major advertising client you can imagine, from McDonald’s and Pepsi to Mercedes Benz and Nike.

His new company VOLITION SOUND BRANDING creates sound for film and television, and is extending its brand with the book. The two volume set is the most up to date “how to” resource in music composition for the advertising industry, featuring commentary from some of the top names in the game.

“Don’t just wait on the record industry to make money with your music,” advises Hanes.
“Get some of this advertising money and in the process, turn yourself and your company into a brand. The 30 30 Series will show you how.”

The 30-30 Career: Making 30 Grand in 30 Seconds-Producing Music For Commercials will be available April 29th on AuthorHouse Publishing .

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