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Name: JH

Age: 22

Representing: Virginia

Side hustle until first placement:Network Administrator

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/jhaudio

Key Tracks: “Take Me Home,” “Father Forgive Me”

When did you first start producing and with what equipment?
I started when I was around 14 or 15 with this computer program called Hammerhead Rhythm Station. It was like an emulation of a Roland 909.

How would you describe your sound?
My sound has been described as organic soul. I would definitely say it’s organic. I usually build the drum tracks ‘inside the box’ and then my guitar player, Chris Conner, will typically lay down a live bass and guitar tack. If I add synths, I try to use things that are as realistic sounding as possible just to keep the raw vibe to it. I listen to a wide range of music so when I sit down to make a beat I don’t go in with the intention to make any certain genre. All I want to do is make music that I can enjoy myself and if other people happen to like it, that’s just an added bonus.

What was the last piece of equipment you acquired? Are you more software, hardware or instruments?The last thing I bought was an M-Audio Keystation, recommended by my friend QDIII back when I was trying to move away from using samples. The setup we use pretty much incorporates software, hardware, and live instruments. I do most of the drum programming with software. The live instruments are recorded through a hardware setup. I use several VSTi’s for strings, pianos, trumpets, etc. In the end, everything is sequenced using software. Nothing is really off limits as long as it sounds good.

What mistakes have you made in recording that you’ve learned from?
Trying to over process and clean live guitar and bass tracks. I’ve found its best to leave the little blemishes rather than to process the recording 500 times, because in the end you lose the feeling and soul of it all. I’ts best to be close to the sound you want before recording, rather than trying to achieve it after the fact.
What artist would you like to make a beat for the most and why?
I would love to do a track for Obie Trice. I think he is one of the most talented artists out there today. I don’t think he gets the respect he deserves though.

Who are you currently making beats for/current projects?

Currently, I’m working on some new music with Spot. After we did the song ‘Take Me Home’ it was obvious to both of us I think how well our sounds meshed. His song writing abilities are crazy. He’s definitely an artist to check up on if you haven’t already. I’ve also got something in the works with Rich Hil. He’s extremely talented and the style of music he’s doing really can’t be defined, it’s just great music. That’s what I love most about his stuff though.

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