Nike, Rane and Serato make exclusive Air Force 1

JLBarrow • March 10, 2008 • No Comments

As part of the Air Force 1’s silver anniversary, Nike collaborated with cutting-edge partners Rane and Serato to create a special edition AF1 and White Scratch LIVE package. The only problem? You can’t buy it!

For the past 25 years the Air Force 1 has made a journey from an innovative performance product to a hip-hop icon. In recognition of this, Rane and Serato have worked with Nike to produce the truly innovative Scratch LIVE package for the digital-age hip-hop DJ.
Popular Japanese company Head-Porter was approached to create a custom-made bag for transporting a laptop, the Scratch LIVE units and accessories. Constructed from white ballistic nylon, the bag features the Nike pivot logo which references the iconic sole detail of the AF1. To complete the pack, the commemorative White/White AF1 shoe sports the Scratch LIVE logo and incorporates the same white ballistic nylon used for the bag.

A limited number of Air Force 1 and Scratch LIVE packages were created for leading DJs around the globe. Unfortunately, none of these packages are available for purchase. Anybody seen it on Ebay?

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