Tanya Morgan Wants Something More Than Money From Their Fans [EXCLUSIVE]
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Words by Jerry L. Barrow   Donwill has just spent 40 minutes navigating gentrified Brooklyn traffic on his bike. His partner Von Pea has been enjoying the

Von Pea: “Chasing Amy” aka In Your Heart [prod by The Other Guys]
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This Von Pea guy be rappin and sh*t. He snuck in a whole damn project called To:You produced by The Other Guys, shot videos and

Tanya Morgan & 6th Sense On Making “Rubber Souls” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]
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A few weeks ago I was invited to hear the new album by Tanya Morgan and 6th Sense, "Rubber Souls" at "We started this album

Tanya Morgan Dropping “Rubber Souls” LP On 9/24 [TRACKLIST]
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With the "You & What Army" EP and Von Pea's "Duly Noted" holding fans over for a spell, Tanya Morgan are finally returning with a

Von Pea & Aeon, “Duly Noted” EP/ “Things Have Changed”
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  I've made it no secret that some of my favorite songs from "Duly Noted" is everything I liked about "She's Gone" and  

Watch: Tanya Morgan, “Rock The Bells”
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(props to ProducersIknow)

10 Most Slept-On Albums Of 2010
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There is so much music that comes out per year that it's almost impossible to keep track. While I pinched this list from

Big Pooh, Tanya Morgan, Skyzoo & More Perform In Brooklyn [VIDEO]
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Tanya Morgan, Big Pooh and the Hall Of Justice crew wrapped up their "So Motivational"  tour at Brooklyn's Public Assembly on Wed December 8th. Nodfactor.com rolled

Von Pea – “Boombox” [DOWNLOAD]
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Aeon laces Von Pea with butter bass line for this second single off of his solo  Pea's Gotta Have It.  Right click and get it in your system stat. Download to

Von Pea – “Ian’s Song” Recreation Using Native Instrument’s Maschine Midi Controller
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Von Pea recreates "Ian's Song" off Donwill's album, Don Cusack In High Fidelity, using Native Instrument's Maschine Midi Controller.