DJ JS-1 feat Tonedeff – “Last To Know” (video)
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VIDEO: PackFM and Tonedeff On Making “I F*cking Hate Rappers”
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Had my peoples from QN5 Music, Tonedeff and PackFM, come through to discuss the making of the title track for "I Fucking Hate Rappers." Tone really get's into the details

QN5 MUSIC Celebrates 10 Years of ‘The New Hip Hop’
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A LETTER FROM TONEDEFF 13 Years of The Baby Blue. QN5 is a man now. Holy smokes…has it really been 10 years? Well, technically, it’s 13, being that I released

Tonedeff Wants To Change Hip-Hop’s DNA
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In November Melodyne will finally be releasing Direct Note Access (DNA)  which is in Beta now. The plug-in promises to revolutionize music manipulation and

Bloggin’ 4 Beats: Tonedeff On The Making of “Porcelaine”
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Why Producers Kill Their Neighbors
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The flood. After the fire it is the most feared and common source of pain for music collectors and producers. It's even worse when it's not a natural flood brought