Lord Finesse Selling His SP-1200
JLBarrow • August 02, 2010 • No Comments

Spotted @ Lord Finesse is selling his SP-1200 on ebay. Unkut verified that the signature on the MP is authentic so the $1400 machine is responsible for making some classic

This Is The Remix: Pete Rock & Green Lantern
JLBarrow • July 31, 2009 • 3 Comments

Nodfactor.com caught up with the legendary Pete Rock and DJ Green Lantern to discuss their song from NY's Finest, "Don't Be Mad." In the process I got them to share

Large Professor: Revolve Around Science
JLBarrow • September 29, 2008 • 8 Comments

By Jerry L. Barrow "I would come out of Lefrak with duffle bags full of records..." - Large Professor He studied at the feet of