Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella) Shares What Makes A Good DJ [VIDEO]
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After "Now we're in 2012 and the DJ is now the star because of things like Serato...The DJ is the a

A Message To All The Wanna Be DJ’S! [Animated Cartoon]
JLBarrow • December 12, 2010 • 1 Comment

DJ Stickem is behind this hilarious PSA to all wannabe DJs.  This little sh*t is calling himself a DJ because his mother bought them Serato,

Will Algorddim’s DJ App For iPad Kill Serato? [VIDEO]
JLBarrow • November 23, 2010 • 1 Comment

Spotted at Since Serato debuted there has been an atomic count down clock for the death of vinyl and traditional turntables. Now there be a legit threat to the popular

Stonesthrow Releasing J-Dilla Serato
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Spotted @ Serato and Stones Throw have teamed with the J Dilla Estate for the official J Dilla Serato release, Donut Shop. This is 2 discs with six J

DJ Kid Capri: “Artists Don’t Work Without The DJ”
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In the club with the Legendary DJ Kid Capri, he talks about when he first realized his calling in Hip Hop, how he redefined the perception of the DJ, Serato,

DJ Blazita: Confessions Of Fire
JLBarrow • May 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

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New Advanced SL 3 Interface Introduced for Scratch Live
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Review: M-Audio’s Torq Mixlab
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Many of you want to get started with digital DJing but can't afford the Serato price tag. A few years ago M-Audio dropped the Torq Conectiv to answer those prayers.