VIDEO: Apollo Brown On Beat Battles And Sampling
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In part two of our sit-down with Apollo Brown he talks about how he picked his name, how he got into beat battles and whether finding samples online is considered

EXCLUSIVE: Nodfactor Interview With Apollo Brown
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Pretty much what the title says. While Apollo Brown was in town for his Fat Beats in-store we caught up with him for a really dope interview. In this first

VIDEO: Ayatollah On Making “Ms. Fat Booty” Beat
JLBarrow • April 04, 2010 • 2 Comments

In the next segment from Nodfactor's interview with Ayatollah he discusses the making of the classic "Ms. Fat Booty" record.

VIDEO: What Is Large Professor’s Favorite Record?
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Be sure to check out Nodfactor's Q&A with Extra P (spotted

Hydrosonics-Rough Draft
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NAME: Rough D.R.A.F.T From: Cleveland, OH (now in Arizona) Contact: why the name Rough Draft? Rough Draft: I used to be a graf artist in high school. My tag was KAOS

Ayatollah: “Marley Marl Gave Me My First MPC”
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Queens producer Ayatollah talks about his early days  DJing and producing, Marley Marl giving him his first MPC and wanting to meet soul legend Aretha Franklin (Happy Birthday to the

VIDEO: 9th Wonder’s “Sampling Soul” Lecture
jlb_admin • March 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

Video from 9th Wonder's class at Duke university "Sampling Soul" when they dug into Illmatic.

DJ Babu Speaks On Relevance Of Beat Tapes, ASR Is Collecting Dust
JLBarrow • March 16, 2010 • 1 Comment

Interview by Jerry L. Barrow

KPLtv CHOP SUEY the beat conductor series featuring 88-keys
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From sample to fully constructed beat, producer 88-Keys runs through a collection of vinyl then begins chopping on his trusty Akai MPC3000, which he’s owned since age 15.

Copyright Criminals Sampling Timeline
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The Copyright Criminals documentary debuted on PBS last night and the folks at Rap Radar have posted the segments on their site. You can watch them I found this sampling