Ramsey Lewis On Being Sampled
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RL: I think it’s a high compliment for someone to listen to my music and feel like they would like to hear some of that in

Pete Rock Addresses Syl Johnson Lawsuit Over “The Joy”
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"Just to clear the air about WTT, I never sampled that Syl Johnson record. If you sample Syl you gotta show him sum[sic[ respect and

5th Seal Samples From A 45 (Vlog #8)
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AppleJac – “Brewin” [Instrumental]
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5th Seal’s VLOG #5
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Parisian Beatmaker Onra: Love On The Beat [VIDEO]
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Producer Double-O On Pros And Cons Of Sampling [VIDEO]
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In the next part of My freshman year of college I met this kid Jeff that was a rapper from the Bay who wanted to

Sunday Soul Sample: Dave Grusin’s “Either Way”
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Among his many accomplishments Grusin was also the composer of the theme to "Good Times," "St. Elsewhere" and "One Life To Live." Check out the

Apollo Brown Makes A Beat From Scratch [VIDEO]
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Apollo Brown gives fans an intimate look at what goes on in the box when he lays down his highly sought-after beats. He takes the audience through a step-by-step lesson