@RAYDO Flips Lenny Williams Sample [AUDIO]
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BX Producer @Raydo of Bangin' Tables took us up on the

Lenny Williams Says “Sample Me!”
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“I always wondered why nobody ever sampled ‘Choosing You’,” he said. “Especially the New York rappers.  ‘Choosing You’ was  a #1 hit in New York

Saxophonist Jimmy Castor Dead At 64
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Castor found success as both a solo musician and as the leader of the Jimmy Castor Bunch. While his music spanned many genres (hence his

Juicy J & DJ Paul’s 10 Best Willie Hutch Samples
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Writer, producer, arranger and all-around soul man Willie Hutch (born Willie Hutchinson) got his start singing in a doo-wop group as a teenager in Dallas,

Hip Hop’s Best Horror Movie Theme Samples
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Song: Busta Rhymes, Samples: Bernard Herrmann, Without Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller Psycho, horror cinema would certainly be a lot tamer than it is today. Even

Pete Rock Addresses Syl Johnson Lawsuit Over “The Joy”
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"Just to clear the air about WTT, I never sampled that Syl Johnson record. If you sample Syl you gotta show him sum[sic[ respect and

Give The Drummer Some: The Story Of Bernard Purdie [VIDEO]
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What do Aretha's Respect,  Miles' Bitches Brew, NWA's Fuck The Police,  and the Chemical Brothers Block Rockin' Beats have in common

R.I.P. Alphonso “Fonce” Mizell
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Twitter gifted this mix by

5th Seal Samples From A 45 (Vlog #8)
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