Review: M-Audio’s Torq Mixlab
JLBarrow • September 04, 2008 • No Comments

Many of you want to get started with digital DJing but can't afford the Serato price tag. A few years ago M-Audio dropped the Torq Conectiv to answer those prayers.

Review: Premier’s Beats That Collected Dust
JLBarrow • August 29, 2008 • No Comments

It’s not rally fair to “review” these beats because even Premier has admitted this is “not his best work.” However, it’s still great to get a glimpse into his mind

JLBarrow • August 13, 2008 • No Comments

Shaquan Lewis aka Skillz ain’t mad no more. In fact, he sounds content with his place in hip hop on his new album, The Million Dollar Backpack. The

CD Review: J-Live’s Then What Happened?
JLBarrow • June 08, 2008 • No Comments

Disclaimer, this is not an objective review which is why it's taken so long to write it. I know J-Live, have spoken to him on many occasions. I only even