Kid Capri Names His Top 5 Greatest DJs Of All Time [VIDEO]
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VLADTV got Master of The Mix DJ Kid Capri to name his top 5 DJs of all time. Any list that starts with

Just Blaze: “Jay-Z Just Lets Me Do Me” [VIDEO]
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Smirnoff Hosts Master of The Mix Kick-Off At Scratch DJ Academy
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On Monday May 16th Smirnoff Vodka held a special kick-off event for the second season of their Master Of The Mix reality TV Show.

Drinks With DJ Scratch [VIDEO]
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A few weeks before the end of the Master Of The Mix competition I had a chance to get slightly inebriated (not really) with the legendary DJ Scratch. In this

DJ Scratch Wins Smirnoff Master Of The Mix
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"Congrats to Vikter Duplaxi, he never gave up," Scratch said via his He went on to thank his Stay tuned for my exclusive sit-down with

DJ Scratch And Vikter Duplaix Battling For $250K On Master Of The Mix
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Last night's episode of After some deliberation Rich Medina was eliminated and now DJ Scratch and Vikter Duplaix are left as the final two DJs

Grandmaster Flash Speaks On His Innovations In DJing [VIDEO]
JLBarrow • November 03, 2010 • 1 Comment

"I'm a scientist," Grandmaster Flash told a rapt audience at a screening for BET's "Master Of The Mix" reality series. The televised contest between DJ Scratch, Vikter Duplaix, DJ Revolution, DJ