Surf Club Shows Us How To “Drop The World”
Christopher B. • February 26, 2010 • No Comments

The Surf Club boys Hit-Boy & Chase N. Cashe show us what went into making "Drop The World" one of the most acclaimed singles of 2009. "Drop The World"is

Deezle Suing Lil Wayne For $2.5 Million for “Mrs. Officer”
jlb_admin • February 18, 2010 • 1 Comment

From (AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne may end up in front of a judge again, but this time to defend himself against a copyright infringement lawsuit. The Royalty Network filed a $2.5

Play N Skillz Pimped Weird Al, Not Suing Lil Wayne…Yet
JLBarrow • November 03, 2009 • No Comments

Grammy Award winning producers Play N Skillz talk to about their new mixtape "Recession Proof," pimping Weird Al Yanchovic for the publishing on "White And Nerdy" and why statements

Parody: Play N Skillz in the studio with Lil Wayne
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I get a late pass for this one but it's hilarious. Props to

Lil Wayne Producer Deezle Talks Carter III
JLBarrow • December 22, 2008 • 4 Comments

Given its strong contention for hip-hop  album of the year it was only right that Nodfactor speak with Cash Money's inhouse production/engineering genius, Deezle, about some of the work he

Lil Wayne Producer Bangladesh Speaks on “A Milli”
JLBarrow • June 19, 2008 • No Comments

With every rapper under the sun jumping on the instrumental to Lil Wayne's "A Milli" the producer of the track Shondre "Bangladesh" Crawford put out a video discussing his rise

Lil Wayne Jacks David Axelrod on Carter III
JLBarrow • June 02, 2008 • No Comments

Lil Wayne's much anticipated The Carter III has sprung a leak and one "drip" earning a lot of buzz is a track called "Dr. Carter" which features the New Orleans

Bloggin 4 Beats: Project Mayhem
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Opposites attract but sometimes for the wrong reasons. I was told by a trustworthy person that this beat was just too soft for the lyrics. When I started