Conversations With DJ Toomp
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Swizz Responds To Kanye Calling Him Best Rap Producer
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A few weeks ago Kanye West had a few of his followers doing the people's eyebrow when he boldly declared that Swizz Beatz was the best rap producer ever. No one

Kanye West Actually Remixes “Power” [AUDIO]
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For the remix to "Power" Kanye did more than just slap some new voices on the same beat. While he kept the drums and chanting chorus it was refreshing to

RZA Suggests Kanye & Himself To Produce Nas’ Next Album
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Redbull Music Academy sits with RZArector during this year's Splash! Festival. RZA tells us that

DJ Toomp Talks About Producing Kanyes “Good Ass Job” Album[VIDEO]
JLBarrow • July 27, 2010 • 1 Comment

DJ Toomp gives a sneak peek into Kanye's Good Ass job and that Kanye is "Speaking his mind as he always do" and that he's "keeping it hip-hop." He also

Kanye Working On New Album
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DJ Carnage releases this quick clip of Yeezy working on a couple beats presumably for his

Happy Birthday Kanye! — Top 10 Beats + Honorable Mentions
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Saw my homie As someone declared on Twitter, everyone young rapper under 25 years old should wish *We couldn't include

Video: Kanye West In His New Jersey Home/Studio Circa 2002 (Unreleased)
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Spotted Here we have some super exclusive footage of Kanye West in his New Jersey home studio in early 2002, working on music for himself as well

Pete Rock Finally Admits He’s Working With Kanye On “Good Ass Job”
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At He then talks about wanting to work with Eminem & Jay-Z. I would love to. I never He’s a producer too. I love Eminem, I

Q-Tip Producing For Kanye, Talib…Maybe Jigga
jlb_admin • March 31, 2010 • 1 Comment

In an interview with Brooklyn Bodega Q-Tip revealed some of his future production plans and aspirations to get Hova in the studio: BB: You seem to be very selective when it