Kane Beatz Defends Weezy, Celebrating That Super Bass
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(stolen from myself At a mere 23 years old Orlando-born Daniel Johson, aka "That feels crazy," he told Beatz is part

The Top 11 Producers To Watch For 2011
Christopher B. • March 27, 2011 • 3 Comments

While the rest of the world focuses on the top 11 left for American Idol I thought it was about time we focused on the top 11 producers to watch

Kane Beatz Lists Nas, Lil Wayne, & Bei Maejor As His Favorite Artists To Work With
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Well that's a collaboration I didn't see happening. The Lupe/Kane track made sense as the majority of Kane's bigger placements have either been for Young

[DOWNLOAD] Bei Maejor-Upside Down 2 Hosted By Clinton Sparks, Ill Will, & DJ Rockstar
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Jive recording artist Bei Maejor is back with his follow up to his critically acclaimed debut mixtape "Upside Down". USD was originally hosted by Clinton Sparks and for USD

Bei Maejor-Wife U Up Prod. By Kane Beatz
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[Updated] The Tweets Is Watching: Kane Beatz Seeks Intern + Application
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UPDATE: Download the application

Kane Beatz Presents “The Building”
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Kane introduces us to his team backing his imprint, "The Building". In this teaser he

The Mad Violinist & Symphony Crack Orchestra Cover “Unthinkable”
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Now allow me to put you d to Ashanit The Mad Violinist but chances are your

Kane Beatz Is “The Building”
Christopher B. • March 31, 2010 • 1 Comment

Recently I had the opportunity to interview the man that brought us hits such as "Bedrock", "Steady Mobbin", my vote as one of the most underrated beats of '09, and "Tuck

The Tweets Is Watching: B.I.G. Edition
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So it started this during the early hours of March 9th, randomly asking some of our favorite producers what their favorite B.I.G. beats are. I couldn't let this day pass