LISTEN: DJ Green Giant and Just Blaze, “Just Did It” Mixtape
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In celebration of  props to

Just Blaze: “I Don’t Employ Ghost Producers” [VIDEO]
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The timing of this interview dropping is funny. We were just having a "Just Blaze" hour in the office at @TheUrbandaily

Just Blaze: “Jay-Z Just Lets Me Do Me” [VIDEO]
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Producers Nard & B Talk Working For T.I. And Maino [VIDEO]
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Dr. Dre Says Detox Is Coming On 4/20 [VIDEO]
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Just Blaze posted a twitvid of himself in the studio with Dr. Dre. In addition to plugging the new Saigon album he gave the good Dr. a chance to plug

Saigon: “We All Need Just Blaze!” [VIDEO]
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Recently I interviewed him for my other site I asked him about Just Blaze's alter ego Red 5ive, how it came about and how his

Saigon, “Greatest Story Never Told” [AUDIO]
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At long last my man Saigon is letting the world hear what I heard almost five years ago and I'm telling you it was worth

DR. Jay’s “Salute The DJ” With Just Blaze, Premier, Tony Touch & More
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Dr. Jays is doing a holiday fashion campaign entitled "Salute The DJ". Check the video

The Tweets Is Watching: Joe Budden Beat Jacks Just Blaze
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Wow. Is nothing sacred? Now we all may know Joe Budden for being part of Slaughterhouse, he may have internet soldiers ready to go to war with MM4

Just Blaze Hosting “Master Of The Mix” On Centric
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So this is the show Just Blaze was being mum about with us a few days ago: SMIRNOFF Vodka is launching a new reality television show, Master of the