Just Blaze: “Jay-Z Just Lets Me Do Me” [VIDEO]
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T-Pain: “Usher Told Me I Fucked Up The Industry”
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Ah, T-Pain. It's nice to see him stand up for himself. In this clip he addressed the criticism he got for using Auto-tune just

Robert Glasper Says Mos Def Was At Carnegie Hall First, Not Jay-Z
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On Thursday December 8, As keyboardist Robert Glasper pointed out on his twitter page today, Mos Def Mos shared the stage with his big band

Behind The Rhymes With Young Guru [VIDEO]
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Part 1, "How do you get a beat to Jay-?" Part 2 "Did you speak with Guru about the name before he

A DJ In Paris Reacts To “Niggas In Paris”
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My thoughts on the song...ok i really don't have a clue on why they picked that name though...when i saw the title, i knew it

Wyldfyer Got John Blaze Sh*t [Exclusive Interview]
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“We would be at the Spelman computer lab, me and my homeboy Chris. Spelman always had the better computers because they had the Cosbys funding

Kanye West & Jay-Z: Watch The Throne Documentary [VIDEO]
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Young Guru Talks Watch The Throne [VIDEO]
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Bloggin 4 Beats: Jay-Z’s “I Know” remix…
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Posted this a while back...bringin it back like a boomerang f Just because Addiction is a bitch...sometimes literally. You spend so much time trying to recreate that first high. Sometimes you