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Spotted on Watch RJ Rice Sr., founder of Barak Records, and Todd from Studio A transfer J-Dilla’s 2 inch tape reels to Pro-Tools as they explain that much of the

Who Is The Best Producer On The Mic?
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In this clip The Alchemist, a very dope producer who dabbles in the MC lane (pick up Chemical Warfare on July 7th!) gives his favorite rapping producers. Watch

Inside The Producer’s Studio: Making ‘Raw Life’
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Another great installment from Nicoaly's Music Blog . In this discussion about the making of "Raw Life" from the Connected album he makes some salient points about drum

Q-Tip Honored At One Stop Shop Conference
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Detroit’s Finale “Pays Homage” To J-Dilla
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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week or so you're aware of the drama surrounding Charles Hamilton's decision to "honor" J-Dilla by naming

Q-Tip Talks J-Dilla/Miles Davis @ Noisemakers
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Jake One & J-Dilla Helping DOOM Give Birth In March
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Mask-wearing hip-hop maverick DOOM (previously MF Doom) unveils his imminent new album, BORN LIKE THIS - a tour de force of thrillingly intricate and diabolically original songwriting. BLT is his

They Reminisce Over You: J-Dilla
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AUDIO: Jaylib Live 2004
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Well Happy Birthday Dilla Dawg! You know we have some things planned for the man here at Nodfactor but we're going to start it off with an assist from the

Yancey Boys Instrumentals Going On Sale
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Stonesthrow Records will be selling the instrumentals to  Illa J's Yancey Boys CD on January 19th.  They will be non-DRM  an't wait to hear the blends and remixes that come