DJ Scratch On Why He Remixed Nas’ “Illmatic” [VIDEO]
JLBarrow • July 04, 2014 • No Comments

DJ Scratch is celebrating this Independence Day with a special remix project, a reworking of Nas' "Illmatic" with his  original production called, what else? Scratchmatic. While

Did Nas’ “Illmatic” Hurt Or Help The Producer?
JLBarrow • April 21, 2013 • No Comments

In an intriguing essay for, writer Insanul Ahmed ( "Before Illmatic came out, rap albums were created the same way albums across all genres are created: With one

Large Professor: “Illmatic Hasn’t Been Outdone” [VIDEO]
JLBarrow • May 29, 2012 • No Comments

My peoples at "Joints like 'Halftime' were a musical painting of the streets, " he said.  "I think Illmatic hasn't been outdone in the style

Orisue And XXL Illmatic Remix Contest
Christopher B. • May 26, 2010 • No Comments

XXL and Orisue clothing are sponsoring an "Illmatic" remix contest. Fashawn, member of the 2010 Freshmen is slated to drop his "Ode to Illmatic" mixtape on June 9th.