Grandmaster Flash Laptop Stolen, Offers Reward
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Grandmaster Flash Speaks On His Innovations In DJing [VIDEO]
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"I'm a scientist," Grandmaster Flash told a rapt audience at a screening for BET's "Master Of The Mix" reality series. The televised contest between DJ Scratch, Vikter Duplaix, DJ Revolution, DJ

Will Grandmaster Flash Ever Retire?
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In this interview with PP2G's Grandmaster Flash answers whether he'll retire. (spotted "My biggest problem was carrying my prized vinyl on an airplane and when you get to the hotel

VIDEO: Grandmaster Flash Spinning In The BX
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You notice something? He's using actual RECORDS, not Serato.

VIDEO: Are DJ’s Overrated??
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A journalist asked Grandmaster Flash if DJ's are overrated (what??) and if anyone can be a DJ. Listen to his answer.

VIDEO: Grandmaster Flash Stars in DJ Hero!
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I still haven't played either DJ Hero or Scratch the game but this looks pretty dope. On a semi-related note, if you haven't read

Grandmaster Flash Dropping Debut CD in 2009
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