The Oral History Of Redman’s “Sooperman Lover” Series
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Words by Jerry L. Barrow Hip-Hop and super heroes go together like summertime and fresh kicks. Billionaires and vigilantes. Tequila and bad decisions. After early DJs,

Erick Sermon And ?uestlove Remember Beastie Boys MCA (R.I.P)
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In this brief interview with The Source magazine Erick Sermon offers his memories of the Beasties and why some hip-hop heads are reluctant to give

Erick Sermon Makes Beat From Scratch On Yamaha Motif ES8
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I'm admittedly late with getting this up. I spotted it

VIDEO: Rockwilder Talks About Stealing Switches From Dr. Dre
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Props to Superstar Jay & Ashlee Ray interview Rockwilder about the changes in technology, making beats for 50 Cent and the inspiration for the "The Rockwilder Beat." He also says

VIDEO: BeKay Talks About “Rap Star (Hunger Pains)”
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On the title cut to his album Hunger Pains, Bekay mentions running into Scram Jones and Erick Sermon's studio back in the day when he was looking for

VIDEO: Erick Sermon Interview By Tony Touch
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Bloggin 4 Breaks: It’s A New Day
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