Tanya Morgan Wants Something More Than Money From Their Fans [EXCLUSIVE]
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Words by Jerry L. Barrow   Donwill has just spent 40 minutes navigating gentrified Brooklyn traffic on his bike. His partner Von Pea has been enjoying the

Tanya Morgan & 6th Sense On Making “Rubber Souls” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]
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A few weeks ago I was invited to hear the new album by Tanya Morgan and 6th Sense, "Rubber Souls" at "We started this album

Tanya Morgan Dropping “Rubber Souls” LP On 9/24 [TRACKLIST]
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With the "You & What Army" EP and Von Pea's "Duly Noted" holding fans over for a spell, Tanya Morgan are finally returning with a

Watch: Tanya Morgan, “Rock The Bells”
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(props to ProducersIknow)

Fat Beats Closing Stores, Donwill Saw It Coming
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Yesterday the internet was buzzing with the news that Fat Beats would be closing their L.A and NY stores this September. Most hip-hop heads are mourning the loss of yet

Von Pea – “Ian’s Song” Recreation Using Native Instrument’s Maschine Midi Controller
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Von Pea recreates "Ian's Song" off Donwill's album, Don Cusack In High Fidelity, using Native Instrument's Maschine Midi Controller.

VIDEO: Donwill Of Tanya Morgan On His Beatmaking
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When I sat down with Donwill of Tanya Morgan "A lot of people don't know I make beats I started making beats before I started rapping...I studied Fantastic Vol.

CD REVIEW: Tanya Morgan’s The Bridge EP
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If you see a chick named Tanya Morgan in the street, slap her, cuz she’s perpetrating. Just jokes, but seriously. Tanya Morgan is not that girl you used to