DJ Premier and Khaleel Perform LIVE @ NUMBERS in Houston [VIDEO]
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Khaleel preforms his verse from "Rappin Exercise" as well as his single "Hot Flames" at Numbers Nightclub In Houston.  (props to

Sitdown With DJ Premier & Pete Rock [VIDEO]
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Among other things Premier talks about making the early Gangstarr recordings like "Words I Manifest" "Jazz Music" and how he got out of his first

DJ Premier Interview With ImFlashy.Com
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Marco Polo “What I’ve Learned Most From Primo Is To Be A Stubborn Son Of A Bitch”
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Now that the title has got your attention I think the point Marco makes is a great one. When it comes to this industry people

DJ Premier Discusses Unreleased Jay-Z Diss Record
Christopher B. • December 09, 2010 • 1 Comment

DJ Premier recently spoke with There’s a Jay-Z one where he was getting a little slick at a lot of people. I won’t even say their names. He said a

DR. Jay’s “Salute The DJ” With Just Blaze, Premier, Tony Touch & More
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Dr. Jays is doing a holiday fashion campaign entitled "Salute The DJ". Check the video

DJ Premier Talks About Picking Breaks For BET’s “The Cipher”
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Most you know that when I conduct my interviews of producers I wear two hats: one as this site's founder where I get into more

DJ Premier Talks Nas Album & Jay-Z Collaboration & Blueprint 3 Snub
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I don't know about you guys but I'm tired of hearing about Nas and Premier doing

DJ Premier Says Kanye Collaboration Never Materialized, Adds Last-Minute Scratches To ‘Mama’s Boyfriend’
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Despite some major leaks and several varied track lists hitting the 'net, Kanye West is sticking by the Nov. 22 release date for

Premier Discusses Upcoming Videos For NYGz & Nick Javas
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DJ Premier discusses the songs and upcoming videos for Policy by NYGz and Opportunity Knocks by