Drake Reveals One Of Alicia Keys Studio Techniques
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From Drake explains a technique he learned working with Alicia Keys in the studio. He also reveals his favorite song from his album Thank Me Later, available June 15, 2010.

VIDEO: Herbie Hancock On Alicia Keys’ Software Piano
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Herbie Hancock checks out the "Alicia's Keys" piano software created by Alicia Keys and Native Instruments. Sampled from Alicia Keys' own playing in her studio, and used extensively on her last

Native Instruments Releasing “Alicia’s Keys”
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In this exclusive video Alica Keys talks about her

Bloggin 4 Beats: Remixing Alicia Keys
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I'm a little geeked about this one cuz I actually played the bassline out on my keyboard. My PC keyboard, the Microsoft one. Yeah. Letters G and J