9th Wonder Has New Radio Show
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FREEBIE: MURS & 9th Wonder Drop “Sweet Lord” Mixtape
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Since there is some Klingon-style encryption on advance copies of Murs for President, the left coast lyricist has fed the wolves with a free download of "Sweet Lord," a mixtape

9th Wonder and Friends Go Digging on Youtube
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Yes, it's the weekend and maybe it ain't news but its hella funny. 9th Wonder and some of his people posted a video of them playing some of their favorite

Review: Buckshot and 9th Wonder’s The Formula
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“Some of your LPs/stand for ‘long punishment’ ” – Buckshot, “No Future” If it ain't broke don't fix it.

9th Wonder: One Producer is The Right “Formula”
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    "This is the rule we established a long time ago," he says. "I’m all for music evolving but we gotta keep some type