Hydrosonics-Mizfitz Soundz
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Name: Mizfitz Soundz From: Baltimore, MD Contact: G.Q of Mizfitz Soundz talks to Nodfactor.com about how they linked up with Joe Budden and the making of the three tracks that appear on

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Name: MP3 Representing: Philadelphia, PA Contact: Interview by

Hydrosonics-Ken B “Kind of Blue”
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Name: Ken B Age: 27 Representing: Willingboro, New Jersey Side hustle until first placement: Audio/Visual Tech for the hotel, resort and conference center industry. Contact: Key Tracks: When did you first start producing and

Hydrosonics: Guilty J
JLBarrow • September 15, 2008 • No Comments

Name: Guilty J Age:17 Repping:The United Kingdom Contact: Nodfactor: Your mixtape resume looks pretty nice. Which songs did you produce for Papoose, LOTUG, etc.? Guilty J: I did some work on one of my

Hydrosonics: Base Jase
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Name: Base Jase Representing: Illinois Contact: 1) Your site is impressive. How long have you been selling your beats online? I've had my music online since 98, but I didn't officially have a

Hydrosonics: Tony Benjaminz
JLBarrow • June 23, 2008 • 2 Comments

Name: Tony Benjaminz From: Hartford, CT Contact: Your Talib remix is hot. How did you make it? I frequent a lot of message boards. One in

Hydrosonics-Emmanuel Nyei
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Name: Emmanuel Nyei From: The Sudan Contact: 1) You were born in the Sudan, how has your

Hydrosonics-Jack Nickelz
JLBarrow • May 18, 2008 • 3 Comments

Name: Jack Nickelz Representing: Hartford,CT 1) I see in your setup that you have both an MPC

Hydrosonics, Origimoz: “Cool Like Dat”
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Name: Origimoz Age: 19 Repping: UK, Mozambique Key Track: "Freedom of Speech" Contact: You were born in China and raised in Mozambique. When were you exposed to hip-hop and which artists were you listening

Hydrosonics-Blastah Beatz “Powaful Impakt”
JLBarrow • April 09, 2008 • 2 Comments

Name: Blastah Beatz Age: 20 Representing: Portugal Contact: Key Track: "Survive" by Busta Rhymes When did you get started making beats? I started in 2003, on FruityLoops and my 450 mhz home computer. Back then