Rick Rubin On Kanye West And Secrets To Success [AUDIO]

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Super producer Rick Rubin spoke with Studio360 about his new projects, working with Kanye West and what his secret to success is.

On when Kanye West came to him for help with Yeezus three weeks before it was due:
“It is not how I work at all. I was panicky and he was completely cool. And as it turns out, it’s the way he works best.”

Rubin’s secret to success:
“We don’t talk about what’s going to get on the radio and our release date. All of those things which ultimately get in the way of the art being great, we don’t include those in our conversation. We talk about how do we make this song as good as it can be? Is this the most innovative way to present it?”

Rubin’s interview begins at the 21:27 mark of the audio stream above.

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