D’Angelo Interviewed By Nelson George For RBMA 2014 [VIDEO]

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If you were anything like me, you found out this interview with D’Angelo was happening at the very moment it was sold out. I think as soon as they uttered the words “D’Angelo interview” all of the available tickets evaporated. But don’t fret, the good folks at Redbull Music Academy, NPR and Okayplayer have made the video and full transcript available to us all and it appears it was quite a doozy.

Nelson George navigated the conversation at The Brooklyn Museum in front of the lucky 500 attendees who must know how to predict the future and/or teleport to have scored a ticket.

Among the many jewels, D’Angelo talked about his early days as a producer for a hip-hop group in H.S.:

D’ANGELO: I.D.U. s—- was for real, man. We weren’t no joke. And it was I.D.U. Productions, so we was a production crew, you know. What y’all laughing at?

GEORGE: Were you the hook singer?

D’ANGELO: At first. But I was really like co-producer, and that was the whole thing. When I moved from Richmond to Chesterfield, the first brothers that I really hooked up with was the leader of the group, Brian Trent. And I was, what? I was a freshman, coming to high school, he was a senior. And the other producer for the group, we called him Baby Fro; his name was Ron Flowers. So he was the DJ. His father DJed for years and years and years, so his house was a record store. And those records were kept in pristine condition. We’d be over there all — that’s where I really went to school. That was like Hip-hop and Music 101 for me. It was the first time I learned about The Meters and Band of Gypsys and all that s—-. You know, when you’re listening to records strictly to find samples, looking for break beats — and then I stopped listening to records for break beats and instead of just skimming through it looking for a break beat, I’m listening to the whole record, you know what I mean? And so that’s when I started.

Watch the full interview below.

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