Ski Beatz Plays “Rhythm Roulette” With Mass Appeal [Video]

JLBarrow • May 05, 2014 • No Comments


Ski Beatz takes Mass Appeal’s “Rhythm Roulette” challenge and tries to make a dope beat after picking three sample sources at random.

While wearing a blindfold, the “24 Hour Karate School” champ ended up grabbing Rick James’ “Cold Blooded,” The Squeeze, “Argybargy” and The Best of Delroy Wilson. After listening to all three he picks one to make headbanger.

“It ain’t really arranged out but I’ll play what I got,” he says of his extemporaneous creation.  “I didn’t think there was gonna be anything on there but it worked. I chopped it up in the Maschine studio. Once I got my chops right I added the drums of course. I did the bass line with my MS-20 and added some live guitar to give a little extra oomph.”

Watch to see which record he flipped and hear how it sounded.

Props to JayForce

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