DID YOU HEAR?: Antman Wonder’s “The Present”

JLBarrow • December 22, 2013 • 1 Comment

antmanwonder the present

In the age of Google dominance and SEO it’s cool to literally discover things randomly again. A few weeks ago Skyzoo released his awesome project, “A Salute To Reasonable Doubt” with Philly based composer Antman Wonder, someone who I knew nothing about until that project dropped. So I asked Sky to make an introduction and I linked with Ant over email. We made our pleasantries and established that an interview needed to happen, just had to work out the whens and wheres. I got caught in The Matrix (ie the day job) and jumped on Twitter to look at my DMS (only reason I really get on Twitter since ‘Scandal’ went on hiatus.). Something made me click on Ant’s bandcamp link in his Twitter bio and I almost jumped up because there was a whole project released on December 22nd…I was like “how is he not gonna tell me this?” and then I realized it was December 22….2012. A year ago to this day.

“The Present is a “freelude” (just made that up) to my full 18 track album “Memories Of The Fewture” due early 2013. The Present is an 8 track album fully composed and arranged by yours truly, using no-sample technology.”

While we here at Nodfactor are quite familiar with sample-free dopeness this is some other worldly shit.  With it’s superhero inspired horns and adrenaline fueled percussion, songs like the aptly titled “Saturday’s Best”  bring me back to the clink of spoons in cereal bowls and spilled milk from the best mornings of my childhood. And low and behold the “Bring It On” interpolation is sitting right there at track 7. Needless to say I have lots and lots of questions for this man. Take a spin below and if you already knew about it, I’m mad at you for not telling me. If you didn’t, enjoy the newness.


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