Notorious B.I.G. Over “ILLMATIC” [DOWNLOAD]

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In a matter of weeks hip-hop fans and journos will start rolling out their twenty-year retrospectives on albums that came out in 1994. Two of those works–Notorious B.I.G’s “Ready To Die” and Nas’ “Illmatic” have been celebrated quite extensively at their respective 10 and 15 year marks in 2004 and 2009, but this selection might be the one thing left to do for 2014.

DJ Pauly Funk takes Biggie verses (most rom RTD but not exclusively) and pairs them with instrumentals for “Illmatic.”  While we’ve seen quite a few mash-ups like “Big Over Premier,” et al this one is a nice addition to those efforts.  “Suicidal Thoughts” over “One Love” might be the most masterfully melancholy mash-up I’ve ever heard. And given the silent feud that went on between Nas and Big (peep Nas’s “Last Real N*gga Alive” if you need to be caught up on that) this is even more significant.

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