Robert Glasper On Being Sampled, Meeting Denaun Porter

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I finally caught up with the super dope Robert Glasper to talk about his new album, “Black Radio 2” (in stores now) and I asked him about Denaun Porter’s awesome “Porter Chops Glasper” beattape:

Denaun Porter made a mixtape sampling your stuff, “Porter Chops Glasper,” have you heard it?

Yeah, I met Denaun through that. He sent it to Madlib first for him to hear it. So he tweeted me and said “Have you heard this?” I was like “No.” I listened to it and I tweeted Denaun like “Yo, this is crazy!” I was honored that he would do something like that. It was thoroughly done. It wasn’t even just from my albums. It was Youtube clips he was chopping up. I recognized some things like, “Yo, you really searched!”

So I ended up going to L.A. last month to work with him and we did like 10 or 15 beats together. He already chopped up “Calls.” It’s so nasty. He did it for international vinyl day and that particular remix is going to be put on vinyl. He did that on side A and on side B he did a whole other “Porter Chops Glasper” that’s 12 minutes long.  So I’m looking forward to see what else comes out of those sessions.

So you have no issue with being sampled…

I love being sampled. That’s the lineage of hip-hop. I think it’s an honor to be sampled. Now if I get sampled and they make a whole lot of money and they don’t give me my credit and my publishing then we got problems. [laughs] But if you just do it and give it out to the world for free and people know it’s me that’s paying homage.


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