DJ Premier Explains The Gang Starr Logo [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • September 08, 2013 • No Comments

Mass Appeal magazine gets up with the legendary DJ Premier to talk about the inspiration for the Gang Starr logo and the creation of the “Mass Appeal” record from Hard To Earn, which is months away from its 20th anniversary in March of 2014.

“The Gang Starr logo has always been an important thing for us, for me, and Guru from day one,” said DJ Premier. “As far as the vision of the Gang Starr logo, it was always a chain and a star, which was created by Guru and Big Shug. And they wanted it to be where the chain is the bond of all the artists and everything and the star is the talent within the chain…He wanted it to be a logo that stood out beyond the one that he drew. Just like Public Enemy’s stood out, EPMD’s logo stood out.”

This means I have to get @SkillzVA to talk about the making of “The Nodfactor” next time he is in town, yes?

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