Meet The Men Behind Gummy Soul, Amerigo Gazaway & DJ Wally Clark [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • June 08, 2013 • 1 Comment


Gummy Soul Nodfactor DL

In this interview with, Gummy Soul creators Amerigo Gazaway (son of jazz trumpeter Gary Gazaway) and DJ Wally Clark share their respective beginnings in music, the method to the madness of their “Fela Soul” and “Bizarre Tribe” remix projects and give us a hint as to who they will be collaborating with next.

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Some Highlights:

“We came up with the name…it’s kind of a Wu-Tang tribute. My name is Wally Clark…Wallabies have gum souls…” -DJ Wally Clark

“There were certain Pharcyde songs that we wanted to do, like ‘Drop,’ but the acapella doesn’t exist…” -DJ Wally Clark

“I use Ableton Live for a lot of the arrangement and Reason for the sequencing, drum patterns…Ableton allows you to stretch things without changing the pitch..” – Amerigo Gazaway

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