@StatikSelekt Says “Extended Play” May Be Last Compilation Album [EXCLUSIVE]

JLBarrow • May 18, 2013 • 1 Comment

statik selektah

If you hear an extended instrumental section on vinyl and CD versions of Statik Selektah’s upcoming album Extended Play it wasn’t a marketing gimmick or an attempt to give his fellow DJs a break to play with. At least not on purpose.

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“I’m not gonna tell you which song because we fixed it for the digital version. But on the CD version a whole verse is missing [on one track],” the producer and DJ told Nodfactor.com at his listening session in NYC. “There is one artist on the album–sorry to them–but there is just a 16 of beat.  But on the iTunes version we fixed it.”

Statik has been busy touring with Joey Bada$$ and DJ Premier so it’s understandable that some things will slip through the cracks.

“For some reason the master I turned in, that one song was mono and I couldn’t figure out why,” he says of the studio flub. “So I bounced it again, I had the session on my laptop. And somehow the verse got muted. I don’t know if I hit a bump on the bus or what. But it’s my fault because you should always listen to it when you bounce.”

However, after getting a listen to Extended Play fans will be forgiving of the oversight. The 18 tracks of obese drums and nimble word play will give your speakers Parkinsons and is everything we’ve come to expect from Statik. Watch as Nodfactor chops it up with Statik about what “Extended Play” means to him and if this will be his last compilation album.

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