J-Zone Makes A Beat x What Inspires Scram Jones? [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • April 10, 2013 • No Comments


The good folks over at TheBeeshine.com have been blessing us with more dope clips than I can keep up with so we’ve got a two-for-one posting. The first with producer J-Zone showing how he builds a beat from scratch with the Kool & The Gang, “Soul Vibrations” sample popularized in the ATCQ’s “Scenario” remix.

“What can I do to this that hasn’t already been done,” he asks. “If you play it on one side of the stereo image you hear nothing but the bassline but if you play the other channel you’ve got drums. So I asked if anybody flipped the drums like that. So I looped up a small piece of the drums, compressed them…”

Maaaan just watch the clip! #knowledge  [PROPS TO Egotripland]

The next clip is with the great Scram Jones talking about what inspires him.

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