Petty, “Short But Sweet” Produced By The Stuyvesants [Album Download]

JLBarrow • February 26, 2013 • No Comments

Those too cool kids at Gummy Soul have a new treat for us from Nashville MC, Petty. If you know anything about our taste on this site you know this is something that is worth the download. Peace to TheStuyvesants!

Gummy Soul is happy to announce the release of Petty‘s Short but Sweet album through Gummy Soul Records. Using beats by Brooklyn’s The StuyvesantsShort But Sweet is a soulful introduction to the world, from one of Nashville’s most prolific hip-hop artists.

Petty has become a staple in the Nashville hip-hop community, dropping 5 mixtapes in 2012, each showcasing a wide range of styles, feeling equally at home on both club tracks and classic Boom Bap. With Short But Sweet, Petty turns it down a notch, becoming more introspective, while still retaining the bad boy charm of his previous records. The result is a consistent and wonderfully listenable album,where each song builds upon the next, while he grows as the record progresses.

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