Breakfast Breaks #9: Clarence Carter’s “Back Door Santa”

JLBarrow • December 24, 2012 • No Comments

Every year around this time Madison Avenue remembers that RUN-DMC exists and we get inundated with “Christmas In Hollis” at every turn. Not hating on the legends but the Mad Men need to realize they can use other songs in their catalogue for the other 11 months of the year as well.

That being said, I wanted to give props to the raunchy ass sample at the heart of the definitive modern day Christmas anthem, “Back Door Santa” by Clarence Carter.

Back Door Santa” is a song written by Clarence Carter in collaboration with Marcus Daniel, and originally performed by Carter. It was released on a compilation album Soul Christmas in 1968. The lyrics are all about stuffing some stockings:

I ain’t like the old Saint Nick/He don’t come but once a year/ I come runnin’ with my presents/Every time you call me dear

If the suits on Madison Ave only knew how naughty their Santas were really being..

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