Breakfast Breaks #7: David Axelrod, “The Smile”

JLBarrow • December 10, 2012 • No Comments

For the next Breakfast Breaks I am recycling just a little bit but not really. Knowledge is infinite so this is just redistributing energy.

Many years ago I had the privilege of asking Pete Rock about flipping the pianos at the 3:05 mark for “Strange Fruit.”

In my past life as the EIC of Scratch magazine I actually had a Pete Rock cover planned and shot, but it never came to be. In the interview we did at his home I asked Pete about making “Strange Fruit.”

JLB: I was just listening to David Axelrod’s “The Smile” and there was so much stuff you could use in that record. What made you take the very end of it for “Strange Fruit.”?

PR: I was on some gutter sh*t and those pianos sounded so eerie. When I sampled it I turned up the gain at the end where it’s fading out and eq’d it so it would sound like it was still going. I loved those pianos that much and they weren’t anywhere else in the record.

Take a listen to “The Smile” and appreciate the genius that is Axelrod.

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And peep how Pete killed it on “Strange Fruit.”



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