Breakfast Breaks #2: Roy Ayers, “Gotta Find A Lover”

JLBarrow • December 03, 2012 • No Comments

“Hot sex on a platter” is probably the quickest way to describe the popular cut from Roy Ayers’ Ubiquity, “Gotta Find A Lover.” While his classics “We Live In Brooklyn,” “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” and  “Searchin” have seen more time in samplers, this one has been touched by a few as well.


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Back in 2011 Pete Rock spoke to Nodfactor about touring with Roy Ayers and the plans he had to remix his music live on stage:

“I’m doing the West Coast one in June and then we go to the UK with Roy next month.  I’m going to be DJing and extending some of his music, and I’ll be up there with my drum machine.  I had an idea where I was going to create a beat, do “Searching” over onstage and redo the beat and have the band come in and start doing the song.  Our first show will be here in New York at the Highline Ballroom, then the Blue Note Festival.”

Take a listen to “Gotta Find A Lover” and send us any beats flipping it to @Nodfactor and @JLBarrow.

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