Key Wane On Making Meek Mill’s “Amen” & More

JLBarrow • November 13, 2012 • No Comments

22-Year-Old beatsmith Key Wane, the man responsible for the beats behind Meek Mills “Amen,” Big Sean’s, “Guap” and may more sat down with to tell the stories behind his successes.

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Meek Mill f/ Drake “Amen” (2012)


“I made that around the same time I made ‘So Long,’ because that was during that Christmas break. It’s just like going through records in my momma’s basement, and I just came across some grooves, and I got this vibe. I made these piano keys and came across this riff and added some of my own creativity into it, and added some drums, and hit up my nigga Tone and Sean, like, ‘Let’s go to the studio. I got this cold-ass beat I did.’ They heard it like, ‘Damn, this is kind of sweet. We going to record a reference [track] to it.’

“They recorded a reference, and everything was all good. Niggas was fucking with it. A couple like months later, when I went to LA, Sean was like, ‘I fuck with the beat, but I really don’t fuck with the reference like that.’ I remember meeting Meek Mill in New York that summer—that past summer—and I remember he’s like, ‘Yo I’m a big fan of ‘Memories.’ That’s like my favorite song from Sean.’ When he found out I produced it, he was like, ‘Give me your contact, let me give you mine, I want you to send me some beats.’


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