Wally West Explains The Beat To Mac Miller’s “The Question” [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • April 24, 2012 • No Comments

South Florida producer Wally West sits down with What’s a Jizzock to talk about his record with Mac Miller and Lil Wayne, “The Question.” You can hear it now on Mac Miller’s “Macadelic” mixtape.

“I knew that there was going to be a big feature, but I didn’t know how,” he says. ” ID Labs are the ones who mixed the record and they laid a nice bass line  under it and sample over what I already had that went really nicely.”

He also talks about when he used the African tribal sample and how he started the beat.
“These bells are my favorite part of the beat,” he says. “I eq’d em just a little bit and added some reverb to give them more room so they don’t sound like they’re in a box.”

Watch the full break down below. Follow him on Twitter@TheWallyWest/ http://thewallywest.bandcamp.com

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