Doug E. Fresh Says His Crew Pioneered Two-DJ Method

JLBarrow • February 27, 2012 • No Comments

In a recent interview I did with The World’s Greatest Entertainer Doug E. Fresh, the hip-hop icon said that his DJ’s Chill Will and Barry B were the first to DJ at the same time.

“Barry B and Chill Will  are the first two DJs ever in Hip-Hop to DJ at the same time,” Doug told me for “Like before the X-ecutioners, before any DJ crew, Barry B and Chill Will were the only two DJs that were DJ’ing at the the same time. We, as a group, collectively created this brand of us being able to rock at the same time.

“I said, you know what we’re gonna do?  We gonna put together a show, and I’m gonna be the only guy that has two DJs together and DJs at the same time and when they DJ at the same time  it’s gonna be incredible because we’ll be on 3 records. You have 4 turntables, so when you playing one, your DJ is getting another one ready. But imagine you getting one ready and you have two in the chamber. So your thoughts and what you’re capable of doing is moving way faster than the average situation. So it was a fascinating plan that I came up with and it  worked out very well.”

He went on to say that other artists mimicked their style, like LL Cool J with Bob Cat and Cut Creator, but they were the first. Hmm.  What say you all? Hit me at @JLBarrow or  @Nodfactor with your thoughts.

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