Chairman Mao Interviews Young Guru At Red Bull Music Academy [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • October 27, 2011 • No Comments

Chairman Mao interviews Engineer Young Guru for a lecture in Madrid. The two-hour long discussion went in depth into Jay-Z’s recording process and where he draws his inspirations. He also gives a dope breakdown of how he mixed “Run This Town” (at the 20:00 min mark he REALLY goes in.)

“Hip-Hop is one of those weird things that producers sit in the room by themselves and make music…I always preach to people that if you’re not Prince, most of the best music is made by groups of people. No one makes incredible music on their own. It’s good to get other musicians and opinions….”


–Young Guru

Lecture: Young Guru (Madrid 2011) from on Vimeo.

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