A DJ In Paris Reacts To “Niggas In Paris”

JLBarrow • September 19, 2011 • No Comments

When Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne dropped “Niggas In Paris” quickly became a hit amongst even those that hated the album as a whole. Immediately I wondered, “What does Dizle thing of this?”  Just Dizle is my home boy from across the pond and one of Paris, France’s hottest DJs. I hit him up to get the skinny on what DJs in Paris think of “Niggas In Paris.”

My thoughts on the song…ok i really don’t have a clue on why they picked that name though…when i saw the title, i knew it was going to be on some floss ish but when i heard the track i was like hmmmm ok….it’s catchy but i thought or let’s stay i expected something different with a lot of Paris references or similarities but nada…

i played it in the clubs already [and] people love it, but that’s not what DJs play the most here, they play songs like Welcome to the jungle, otis, no church in the wild, murder to excellence way more than that song. Niggas in Paris is more popular in the states than in Paris. i won’t be surprised if it’s the next single, and then maybe it will change here….

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If you want to know what a Black man living in Paris thinks of “Niggas In Paris” CLICK HERE.


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