Fatin And Not Quite Millionaires Present: Boondocks Backflips

JLBarrow • July 11, 2011 • No Comments

There is no such thing as a “old beat.” I had the pleasure of meeting producer Fatin for our “Art Of W.A.R” story (he produced Pharoahe Monch’s “Let My People Go”).  Evidently the member of 9th’s Soul Council has been sitting on a stash of beats from his work on Season 2 of “The Boondocks” and has felt inclined to liberate them to the masses. Don’t drink anything while you play this unless you like having your keyboard covered in Hennessy, V8 or whatever your libation of choice is…

“This was a project that I decided to put together on a whim. I have a vault of music and beats that some have heard, some haven’t, and some just didn’t know that I did . . . These are some of the original beats that we used for Season 2 of the Boondocks, prior to me getting them replayed for the show. I decided to combine them with certain scenes from the episodes they were placed in, so if you’re a fan of the show, maybe they’ll be familiar to you . . . The mixes are raw and straight off of the ASR-X (the machine I was using at the time). If you’re a fan of the show and a fan of good music, here’s hoping this finds a place in your listening rotation. I figure I have between 47 and 56 fans, so hopefully they’ll all download it and enjoy it. Regardless, hope you find something on here that you like and are entertained . . . I have the same concern for your entertainment that Maximus had in the Colosseum in Gladiator. Please be entertained, or he’ll start yelling again . . . and killing tigers . . . and people.

Later niggas . . .



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