50 Cent Invites Producers To The “Ghetto”

50 Cent with headphones behind his head in recording booth50 Cent has had a love/hate relationship with his producers of late, so he extended an olive branch to the beatmaking community inviting them to finish one his tracks “Ghetto.”

“This right here  for the producers. Gotta little kick drum playin…ya’ll finish it for me.”


CHOPS didn’t want any help from Curtis and stripped out his training wheels, remixing the track from scratch:
CHOPS remix 50 Cent – Ghetto Like A Motherfucker by twitter.com/CHOPSmusic

and C.H.I put his stank on it too:

50 Cent “Ghetto Like a Motherf***er” (remixed by C.H.I.) by Ammofr

What you got? If you have a “Ghetto” Remix hit me on Twitter @JLBarrow or @Nodfactor

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  1. Brainiac Beats aka El Cerebro
    March 17, 2011 at 5:10 AM #

    Check out my version of the track:

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